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How do I apply?

With our online electronic application, you have the access to apply from your desktop, laptop or cellphone and with the convenience of your schedule! In order to start the application process, you would visit and click “Apply Now” directly from the home page. It is truly that simple, and to make it even better our amazing staff is always a phone call or message away if you need assistance walking through the application process.


How long is my lease term?

We are currently offering 12 month lease terms here at 100 Prince. You can start your lease on any date during the month and your lease would end on the day before your lease start date in the following year. Example: July 13, 2021- July 12, 2022.


What deposits are required?

We require a $300 deposit upon move in with any full approval.


Is renter’s insurance required?

We do require renter’s insurance with a personal liability minimum of $100,000. This is not only required at our property but strongly encouraged in the case of any damages, theft or accidental incidences to the apartment.


When is my rent due?

Here at 100 Prince, rent is always due on the 1st of each month. Our residents have until the 3rd of each month to have payment made by the close of business day before late fee is administered.


How do I pay my rent?

To make monthly rent payments, you have a few different options.

1. You can log onto the resident portal each month which was set up when you completed the application process and make a onetime payment by debit/credit card which does involve a processing fee (depending on your total due).

2. You can make a onetime payment via banking account/routing number which will avoid the processing fee.

3. You can log in upon move in and set up recurring payments to be taken out on the same day of each month.


Are any utilities included in rent?

Our base rent does not include utilities. Our residents do pay a cable/internet fee and a pest control fee with their base rent each month, but it is not included in the base rent itself. Water and electricity are set up with outside companies that would be billed to the resident separately.


Who is my cable/internet provider?

Spectrum services our property here at 100 Prince.


Do the apartments have a washer/dryer?

Yes, every apartment at 100 Prince has the luxury of an amenity including a full size side by side washer/dryer in the unit at no additional charge.


How do I add a roommate?

In order to add a roommate, they would need to go through the same application process that every resident does in order to move onto the property. They would start by filling out an application, wait for approval, we would then add them to the lease agreement.


Is the community pet friendly?

Yes, 100 Prince is a pet friendly community with the exception of breed restrictions and exotic pets. Each apartment is allowed a 2 pet maximum per our company policy with a non-refundable pet fee of $300.00 per pet.


Are your apartments furnished?

Our apartments are not furnished; however, we are here to provide your local companies who can furnish your apartment for you if this is a service that you are interested in.


Can I pick who I live with, or do you assign roommates?

We do not pick roommates here at 100 Prince, if you choose to have a roommate that is 100% your choice and all residents must undergo the same application process.


Are we aloud visitors? Do they need a visitor pass?

Yes, you are allowed visitors on site. We will issue a visitor pass to you upon move in for them to place in their vehicle to allow us to know that they are on site visiting a resident and not illegally parked.


What amenities will be offered on site?

Here at 100 Prince, we are bringing something very unique and exciting to Athens that you do not typically see in an apartment community. We will be replacing the original amenities that include a fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts, etc. with retail and commercial space on site. Within these commercial and retail space we will have a variety of businesses right at the convenience of your fingertips! We are very excited to offer this unique experience right in the heart of Athens, GA.